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Equestrian Trails
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There are approximately 20 miles of horseback riding trails in the Riverway. Trails are located at the Black Hawk, Millville, and Blue River Units. There are some beautiful vistas along the trails as they cross the ridges above the river valley. All these trails are open to hiking as well. Please keep horses on those trails marked for their use.

Black Hawk Unit Map
The trails in the Black Hawk Unit provide for a variety of habitat to ride through from open prairie to dense woods. 8.4 miles of this trail are available for horses.

Blue River Bridle Trail Map
The Blue River trail is flatter and follows a course along the valley however, caution is advised on this trail as it often follows gravel and paved roads that are also open to vehicle traffic. This trail provides 6.25 miles for horseback riding.

Millville Bridle Unit Map
The Millville trail provides a nice variety of habitat as well as elevation changes along the course of the trail. The entire 5.1 miles of this trial is open to horseback riding.