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Care of Screening Vegetation
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The LWSRB encourages maintenance of screening vegetation as a way to protect state Riverway aesthetics. Maintenance procedures for screening vegetation are often written into the permit as a condition. Screening vegetation shall be protected during construction and over the life span of the structure.

The following brochures are available at your County Extension office or from the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board and are highly recommended:

  • A3067 Selecting, Planting and Caring for Your Shade Trees
  • A1817 Caring for Your Established Shade Trees
  • A3072 Preserving Trees during House Construction
  • A2865 A Guide to Selecting Landscape Plants for Wisconsin
  • A1771 Deciduous Shrubs: Pruning and Care
  • A1730 Evergreens - Planting and Care

This is provided for your use courtesy of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board.  Additional copies or more information may be obtained from:

Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board
202 N. Wisconsin Avenue
P.O. Box 187
Muscoda, WI 53573

Or, by telephone at: (608) 739-3188
Toll free number: 1-800-221-3792
Fax number: (608) 739-4263