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2) Permit Process
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The permit process includes:

  1. Landowner contacts LWSRB for information and/or permit application to begin process.
  2. LWSRB Executive Director conducts a field inspection to determine visibility of site when viewed from the river.
  3. Riverway office prepares a general permit or schedules a visit to determine necessary conditions such as erosion  control or screening vegetation.
  4. LWSRB evaluates the permit at their monthly meeting and approves permit with necessary restrictions or requirements, or acts to address state Riverway concerns.
  5. Construction or placement of a structure begins when landowner receives the permit and complies with applicable permit conditions.
  6. Compliance inspection by DNR or LWSRB during construction or at permit expiration date.

NOTE: The permit process may take as little as one or 2 days or as long as 5 weeks. Contacting the LWSRB well in advance of the proposed construction will minimize the chances for delay.