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Prior to creation of the Riverway project, the focus of state ownership of lands within the lower Wisconsin River valley was public hunting. Large blocks of both uplands and lowlands have been managed for wildlife for decades. The diversity of habitat types means a variety of hunting opportunity exist for the sportsman.


The bottomlands and sloughs around the river offer exciting opportunities for waterfowl hunting in the fall. Whitetail deer, turkey and small game are abundant in the Riverway in both the uplands and low lands. Local newspapers are filled with photographs of large deer and turkeys bagged during the hunting seasons.

Maps of public hunting lands are available from the Department of Natural Resources website at http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/lands/pal/application.html

Always seek permission before entering private lands. Public lands within the Riverway are marked with signs indicating private lands are ahead. However, a hunter should be absolutely certain of the area in which he/she is hunting. Wisconsinís new trespass law places the burden of responsibility on the hunter, not the landowner. KNOW WHERE YOU ARE WHEN HUNTING IN THE RIVERWAY TO AVOID TRESPASS PROBLEMS.

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