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7) Publications
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The following documents are available from the Riverway Board upon request.

  • Permit applications
  • Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Law
  • Chapter NR 37, Wisconsin Administrative Code (timber harvesting regulations)
  • Chapters RB 1 and RB 2, Wisconsin Administrative Code (goals; objectives; definitions; permit exclusions, exemptions, procedures)
  • Screening Vegetation brochure
  • Timber Harvesting Regulations fact sheet
  • Riverway Board Biennial Report
  • Riverway Board Strategic Plan
  • Marketing Timber (UW-Extension publication)
  • Guide to Oak Management (UW-Extension publication)
  • Building on a Wood Lot (DNR publication)
  • Oak Wilt in Wisconsin (DNR publication)
  • Mileage Between Popular Boat Landings Chart
  • Recreational Use Restrictions
  • Safety Brochure 

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