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4) Performance Standards
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The regulations governing activities in the Riverway are known as performance standards. The performance standards are designed to minimize the visual impact of the activity when viewed from the river during leaf-on conditions.

For structures built or modified on lands visible from the river, the following performance standards must be met before a permit may be issued by the Riverway Board:

  • screening vegetation to make the structure visually inconspicuous (difficult to be seen or not readily noticeable) during leaf-on conditions;
  • exterior color must harmonize with the natural surroundings during leaf-on conditions;
  • only a limited amount of glass or reflective material may be utilized;
  • the height of the structure may not exceed the height of the screening vegetation;
  • the slope of the site must be 20% or less; and,
  • erosion control procedures must be implemented both during and after construction.

For construction or modification of structures on lands not visible from the river, the only limitation is on the height of the structure.

The regulations affecting timber harvesting also vary according to visibility from the river. For timber harvesting on lands not visible from the river, known as the Resource Management Zone, a general permit is issued by the Riverway Board which verifies the harvest area is not visible from the river. No restrictions are placed on timber harvesting in the Resource Management Zone.

In the Bluff Zone, a 200 foot wide strip on the top of the bluff, only selective harvesting is allowed. In the River Edge Zone, a 75 foot strip immediately adjacent to the river extending landward from the first tree on the river bank, only selective harvesting is allowed. In the Riverview Zone, mainly the hillsides visible from the river, selective harvesting and limited clear cutting is allowed. Restrictions on road building and harvest times also apply to the Bluff Zone, Riverview Zone and River Edge Zone.

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Last Modified:  1/4/2005 10:18:53 AM
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