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3) Exemptions
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A partial listing of exemptions to the prohibition on the cutting of woody vegetation are as follows:

  • cutting in conjunction with a Riverway Board approved permit;
  • cutting of an access strip to the river up to 15 feet in width;
  • maintenance of a right-of-way for a utility facility, highway or railroad;
  • maintenance of a private drive or private road (within prescribed limitations);
  • removal of diseased or insect infested vegetation after a written determination is made by a certified forester that the disease or infestation exists;
  • removal of woody vegetation damaged by natural causes;
  • removal of woody vegetation that poses an imminent hazard to life or property;
  • cutting of woody vegetation for use as firewood, fence posts or Christmas trees if not sold or bartered to another person; and,
  • the pruning of woody vegetation that does not increase the visibility of any structure when viewed from the river.

For structures, most routine repair or maintenance activities do not require a permit from the Riverway Board as long as the activity will not result in the structure being larger in size or more visible from the river. Also, most small structures (e.g.; birdhouses, doghouses, bird feeders, etc.) do not require a permit. However, the Riverway Board encourages landowners to contact the office prior to beginning the repair or maintenance activity to insure a permit is not required.

Agricultural activities are also exempt from most of the Riverway regulations. The construction of buildings used exclusively for agricultural use (e.g.; barns, silos, chicken coops, etc.) are not subject to the Riverway regulations. Also, the cutting of woody vegetation to maintain a fence row or pasture does not require a Riverway permit.

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Last Modified:  1/4/2005 10:18:30 AM
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