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4) Definitions
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Basal Area means the cross-sectional area 4 feet above ground expressed in square feet per acre of all trees with a diameter of 5 inches and larger.

Bluff Line means that point where there is a significant change in slope on the visual horizon when viewed from the river. This change in slope may take the form of a ridge protruding into the river valley.

Bluff Zone means the land area 200 feet in width from 100 feet behind the bluff line to 100 feet below the bluff line.

Resource Management Zone means land in the riverway which is not included in the river edge zone, bluff zone or riverview zone.

River Edge Zone means the land within the riverway from where tree growth begins on the river's edge and extending 75 feet landward.

Riverview Zone means all land within the riverway which is visible from the river during the time when the leaves are on the deciduous trees.

Riverway means the area within the boundaries of the lower Wisconsin State riverway.

Selection Cutting means the removal of selected trees throughout the range of merchantable sizes at regular intervals, either singly or in small groups, leaving a uniformly distributed stocking of desirable trees and size classes.

Shelterwood Cut means a partial removal of mature trees leaving trees of desirable species and form to provide shade, seed source and a desirable seed bed for natural regeneration with the final removal of the overstory after adequate regeneration is established.

Small Regeneration Cut means a harvest of not more than one-third of the contiguous forested ownership within a 10-year period with each opening not exceeding 6 acres in size and not closer than 75 feet at their closest points.

Timber means standing trees which, because of their size, quality and number, are marketable.

Tree means a woody plant which at maturity is 20 feet or more in height with a single truck unbranched for at least several feet above the ground and having a more or less definite crown.

Visible From the River means possible to be seen from any point on the river.

Visually Inconspicuous means difficult to be seen and not readily noticeable form any point on the river during the time when the leave are on the deciduous trees.

Woody Vegetation includes trees that are not timber.

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