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3) Definitions
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Agriculture use means beekeeping; dairying; egg production; feedlots; grazing; floriculture; raising of livestock; raising of poultry; raising of fruits, nuts and berries; raising of grains, grass, mint and seed crops; raising of vegetables; and sod farming.

LWSRB means Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board.

Mobile home means a prefabricated unit with walls of rigid construction that is designed to be towed as a single unit or in sections upon a highway by a motor vehicle and that is used or is intended to be used for human habitation.

Modify means to renovate, remodel, expand in size or otherwise change a structure that is not damaged or destroyed.

Person means a natural person, corporation, partnership, association, cooperative, municipality or other local governmental unit, private or public utility, municipal power district, estate or trust, the United States, a federal agency, the state of Wisconsin or a state agency.

Perennial means having a life cycle lasting or continuing for a long time.

River means the Wisconsin river downstream from the dam at Prairie du Sac, but includes only that area below the ordinary high water mark of the main channel or channels, and does not include the bays, bayous and sloughs of the river bottoms.

Riverway means the area within the boundaries of the lower Wisconsin State riverway.

Structure means a building, facility or other unit that is constructed or otherwise erected.

Top of the bluff means the visually most prominent portion of the bluff when viewed from the river, being either the highest geographic point or that point where there is a significant change in slope.

Tree means a woody plant which at maturity is 20 feet or more in height with a single trunk unbranched for at least several feet above the ground and having a more or less definite crown.

Visible from the river means possible to be seen from any point on the river.

Visually inconspicuous means difficult to be seen and not readily noticeable from any point on the river during the time when the leaves are on the deciduous trees.

Woody vegetation means trees that are not timber.

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