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Screening Vegetation
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Screening materials may be planted or may include existing woody vegetation or trees. Woody vegetation or trees must be capable of screening the height and length of the structure and comply with the visually inconspicuous definition - difficult to be seen or not readily visible when leaves are on the trees.

The species of woody vegetation or trees to be used may be chosen by the permit applicant but should be suited to localized soil and site conditions. Native plant species are encouraged as are plantings which will benefit local fauna. Plantings must be perennial and hardy in the local climate zone as specified in scientific literature or garden catalogs.

Planting plans must be approved by the LWSRB prior to the start of construction. Species chosen must have potential to provide screening within a reasonable period of time as defined by the Riverway Board. Screening vegetation must be maintained to meet the requirements of Riverway law.

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Last Modified:  1/22/2010 3:45:46 PM
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