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1) Structure Permits
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Permits are required before anyone in the Riverway begins any of the following activities:

1.  Building a structure, including clearing or grading of land.
2.  Placement or replacement of a mobile home.
3.  Modifications of a structure or mobile home.
4.  Repair of a damaged structure or mobile home unless exempt.

On lands visible from the river, the following standards must apply:

1.  The structure or mobile home must be visually inconspicuous during leaf-on conditions.
2.  The structure or mobile home must not be higher than the surrounding vegetation.
3.  Use of glass shall be minimized.
4.  Exterior colors must harmonize with the surroundings.
5.  Slope of the building site shall be less than 20%.
6.  Erosion control measures must be implemented during and after construction.

On lands not visible from the river the following standard must be met: the height of the structure may not result in the structure being visible from the river.

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Last Modified:  1/4/2005 9:58:39 AM
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