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The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is a separate agency from the Riverway Board.  While the board is responsible for aesthetic protection in the riverway, the DNR maintains its traditional areas of responsibility including resource management, land acquisition, and enforcement.  The DNR routinely provides technical assistance to the board.  The cooperative working relationship established between the board and the DNR since inception of the project has been a key to the success of the riverway initiative.  Listed below are DNR staff with riverway responsibilities. (Click on name to email)


Matt Seguin
Riverway Property Manager
Phone:  (608) 588-7723

Dan Goltz

DNR Wildlife Biologist 
Phone:  (608) 375-4231

Mike LaBissoniere
DNR Real Estate Specialist
Iowa, Richland, Dane, Crawford 
Sauk, Columbia & Grant Counties
Phone:  (608) 273-5959

Travis Anderson
DNR Wildlife Biologist
Phone:  (608) 279-1511

Jean Unmuth
Water Resources Mgmt Specialist
Phone:  (608) 935-1926

Bradd Sims
DNR Fisheries Biologist
Phone: (608) 935-1935

Jeff Schure
Columbia, Richland & Sauk Counties
Water Management Specialist

Phone:  (608) 275-3228

Nate Fayram
DNR State Natural Areas Manager
Phone:  (608) 273-5943

 James Brodzeller
Grant  & Iowa Counties
Water Management Specialist
Phone: (608) 935-1920

Wendy Peich
Dane County
Water Management Specialist
(608) 275-3481

Ryan Pappas
Crawford County
Water Management Specialist
Phone:  (608) 785-9108

DNR Conservation Wardens



Joe Frost
DNR Warden Supervisor
Phone: (608) 935-1931

David Youngquist
Sauk/Iowa County Warden
Phone: (608) 753-9079



Cody Adams
Crawford County Warden

Phone: (608) 326-2915

Sean Neverman
Sauk County Warden
Phone: (608)



Martin  Stone
Grant County Warden
Phone: (608) 723-2339

Michael Nice
Richland County Warden
Phone: (608) 647-4712


Alan Erickson
Iowa County Warden
Phone: (608) 341-9024


DNR Foresters

Mike Finlay
DNR Forestry Team Leader
Southern District

Antwi  Kwabena (Kobby)
Crawford County Forester


Allen  King
Grant County Forester

Jason  Sable
Grant County Forester


Joe Schmaedick
Richland County Forester

Steve  Holaday
Dane County &
 Sauk County  (Prairie du Sac Township)


Scott  Lancaster
Sauk County
(Troy & Spring Green Townships)


Jason  Sable
Iowa County Forester











1-800-TIP-WDNR or 1-800-847-9367
Toll Free - Statewide 24-Hour - Confidential
(This is NOT an information number)

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