Suggested Reading
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  • Wisconsin:  River of 1000 Isles by August Derleth.

  • Wisconsin, River of History by William Stark.

  • The Wisconsin River: An Odyssey Through Space and Time by Richard D. Durbin.

  • Along the Wisconsin Riverway by Jill Metcaff.

  • Our Wisconsin River - Border to Border by Nels Akerlund and Joe Glickman.

  • Lower Wisconsin River Images by Thomas Oates.

  • To Thank a River by Jean Clausen.

  • Timbergreen Trails by Helen Birkemeier.

  • A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold.

  • Wisconsin:  A History by Robert Carrington Nesbit, William F. Thompson, and State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

  • WAU-BUN - The "Early Day" in the Northwest by Juliette M. Kinzie



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