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Gigi La Budde (Chair), Sauk County Representative
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Gigi La Budde was appointed to the LWSRB as Sauk County Representative in July of 2016 by Governor Scott Walker. As the owner of Bison Belly Futures, Gigi provides ecological services and environmental education to landowners and organizations in the Driftless Area. She enjoys teaching “Reading the Landscape” at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and volunteering at the Wisconsin State Herbarium.


“Professionally, I have shared the beauty and wonders of the Riverway in field trips with private landowner groups, Taliesin architecture students, resource managers, and school children.  With my husband and children we have enjoyed family picnics, swimming, canoe trips, fishing, campfires, and sing-alongs.  My 50th birthday present to myself was a kayak.  In short, the Wisconsin River and its environs have shaped my life.  I consider it an honor to serve as a member of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board.”


S11793 Hazelnut Road

Spring Green, WI 53588




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