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The early spring and high water followed by the cool April has resulted in strange happenings.  Seeing bellwort blooming in March?  Címon.  The morel mushroom season began in earnest in early April.  After near record river high flows at Muscoda for March, we were pushing low flow records in April.  Crazy.  Such are the time in which we live.


An abiding constant is the beauty of this magical place known as the Riverway.  The largely undeveloped shoreline and bluffs, the diversity of flora and fauna, including myriads of birds, the everchanging sandbars, and the river itself.  Yesterday and today (May 16-17), I took advantage of the beautiful May weather to paddle.  First from Muscoda to Port Andrew and today from Lone Rock to Gotham.  I was the only canoe on the water and only saw a couple of anglers in motor boats each day.  Eagles, hawks, turkey vultures, geese, kingfishers, swallows, orioles, redwinged blackbirds, etc.  One muskrat and one mink and lots of beaver sign.  Turtles were abundant on logs and sandbars.  If you havenít been out there, get crackiní.  The best way to appreciate the value of the Riverway project is to be on the river, shoreline or bluffs and simply take a look around.  You wonít be disappointed!!!


Click here to view some photos from canoe trips and bluff hikes taken in late March, April and May.


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