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Winter Solstice 2011 

Part One

An annual event for me is observance of the winter solstice on Frank’s Hill near Muscoda in southern Richland County.  The intriguing group of effigy mounds atop the small knoll makes for a special place to note the advent of winter.  The site offers a commanding view of the lower Wisconsin River valley and, in particular, the sunset and unique alignment with the mounds on the shortest day of the year.  


This year, over thirty people of all ages, faiths and walks of life gathered at Frank’s Hill and were treated to a spectacular sunset followed by fellowship around the warming fire.  Landowner Frank Shadewald has battled health problems recently but was able to join the group and share his perspective on the mounds.  For those who haven’t yet visited Frank’s Hill, I think you should.

(Click here to view pictures.)


Part Two

Depending on who’s calendar you use, the date of the solstice can be either December 21, 22 or even 23.  I grew up using December 21st as the official first day of winter and still default to that date.  Close enough for rock n roll.  However, the fresh blanket of snow lured me out of the office for a quick sojourn to the bottoms to take some pictures on Dec. 22nd.  Despite gray skies, the woods and marshes were beautiful.  Not another soul around and no other tracks in the snow.  Solitude.  Enjoy the following images from my trip to the Fish Trap Flowage.  My wish for year in the new year is peace and happiness.
(Click here to view pictures.)


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