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After conducting a field inspection for a building project in the Riverway near Arena, I buzzed over to Governor Dodge State Park to check out Stephens’ Falls.  March 31st was a fine spring day with the sun shining, the birds singing and the lush watercress a brilliant green against the sparkling stream.  The trail was icy in spots but with careful steps, a safe descent was accomplished.  The waterfall was beautiful, as always, and the ice falls were magnificent. 


The largest ice falls I observe each year are along STH 130 upstream of the Wisconsin River bridge at Lone Rock.  The rock walls along the roadway present the perfect conditions for formation of the ice falls.  Downstream of the bridge, there is a rock wall immediately adjacent to the river that is used for ice climbing by adventurous folks.  I’m not sure about the safety of such an endeavor but I have observed cars parked at the turnoff from time to time.  


Friday, April 1st, brought a surprise to the valley as wet snow fell throughout the morning, a cruel April Fool’s Day by Mother Nature.  I’m sure there is an early migrant shivering in a tree somewhere nearby, glancing menacingly at a fellow member of the flock, saying, “Why do I ever listen to you?  Look what you’ve got me into.”  Well, to my avian friends and my fellow Riverway enthusiasts, I would note that this too shall pass.  Soon, the first flowers will blossom, leaves will begin to bud on the trees, and the annual spring greening will be in full force…the sooner the better!


Pictures of Ice Falls & Mother Nature's April Fools Joke


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