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It had been decades since I last cross country skied.  Iíve been snowshoeing for the last twenty years.  A few weeks ago, I decided to check into purchase of cross skis and, not finding a good used pair anywhere, ending buying a new set.  I was pretty shaky the first few times out on public lands near Muscoda, no trails, but eventually had a rudimentary idea of the glide.  After watching a few Internet instructional videos, I got a little better.  I was still busting my own trails and didnít think I was ready for the prime time of a designated groomed trail until I went to the Kickapoo Reserve near LaFarge.  There I met with the Marcy West, Kickapoo Reserve Management Board Executive Director.  After we shared information about our respective projects, Marcy gave me a quick tour of the Old 131 trailÖon skis.  I was a little nervous but the trail had just been groomed and Marcy was very patient with her pupil.  We saw some beautiful scenery and had a great workout.  Iíve been back and would encourage you to check out the Kickapoo Reserve or the many other wonderful miles of groomed trails at our state parks.  Snowshoeing and hiking opportunities abound in the Riverway so thereís no excuse to say indoors.  Even if you are thinking spring, you might as well get out and enjoy winter.


Pictures from the journey.


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